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Saab Service & Parts in Louisville, Kentucky

Make sure to use genuine Saab parts—to keep your beloved Saab in perfect running condition.

Apart from yourself, not many people know and understand Saab engineering better than the people who produced the innovative technology in the first place. This is precisely why Blue Grass Saab has strived for perfection. 

 We will do our very best to make sure that unique Saab feeling lasts for a long time and that your Saab undergoes a thorough multi point cross examination by our factory trained technicians.

In case any part of your Saab should ever need replacing, we provide a comprehensive inventory of genuine Saab parts. With certain products, you have the choice between new parts and genuine Saab parts which have been refurbished and approved by Saab. Between our vast catalog og Saab parts and Factory trained service technicians we have all of the necessary recourses to keep your beloved Saab on the road for many years to come.  

Please click on either link below to either schedule a service appointment or to order Saab factory parts. 

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